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About Us

BRITASIAN BUZZ  Community Media Centre, we are a local arts and digital media centre based in Bolton, northwest, United Kingdom

We work with groups involved in the arts, culture and local heritage, media literacy and education, community development, urban regeneration and community relations. 

Our vision is of a democratised form of media where new technologies are utilised as a tool for expression and creativity, to effect social change and combat poverty, social exclusion and isolation. 

Its online channel & also publish multi lingual magazine in English, Gujarati & Urdu. Intended for the people of asian origin living in Britain, its aim is to keep communities informed of current events, to voice our concerns, to provide a forum for discussions of relevant issues, to highlight constructive activities in the community, to encourage participation in public life and to work in co-operation with other communities for the betterment of British society 

The World is fast changing. To survive as a community and secure our place in the world, we must remain well informed. We must have the information and also the skill to process the information and to use it to our benefit. There is what is called information explosion. In this age of misinformation, propaganda, brainwashing strategies and subtle techniques to control our minds, we can not afford to remain uninformed or unaware of what is happening around us.  

We know that in the face of media giants and information empires, this channel or magazine is almost a non-entity. However, there is a vacuum and we are determined to fill this gap and make our voice heard. Indeed, BRITASIAN BUZZ aspires to be the link, the bridge between communities in Britain and ensure and ensure wider participation of British Asian in the task of building a better Britain.  

OBJECTIVE : To provide a forum to highlight the affairs concerning the communities. Maintain, manage and promote the development of a community news and information platform via an online video medium as well as the current magazine known as Britasian Buzz. In a divided society,  

These provide a shared space with a dynamic and highly visible process of engaging people within the local community. Arrange, organise and assist activities such as workshops, seminars and conferences to facilitate a dialogue amongst all cultures with a view to embrace community cohesion. Support and enable intellectuals, professionals and talented people from various fields to participate in the process of exchanging information, ideas, skills and experiences.  

Build a stage for arts and digital media which is accessible to all ages and abilities. To develop a shared inclusive space by partnering up with the community, giving an opportunity to those at risk of social exclusion. Delivering programmes which enhance skills and experience in the arts and a range of creative and electronic media.  

Document and discover the rich collection of musical talents within the community, as well as looking back at the rich heritage of household names. Work with volunteers, local history groups and other interested organisations to encourage children and young adults to discover deeper into their local heritage, using digital media to tell their stories. Provide leisure activities, competitive sports and other recreational activities, using the help of local sports professionals and enthusiasts.  

Increase participation by women and girls in a  wide variety of recreational activities and physical education by building a women’s group, focusing on developing various skills, using media as a key tool. Promote a greater understanding between faith communities in order to strengthen the concept of a multi-faith society. Provide an opportunity for budding individuals interested in the media sector to explore their talents within a studio environment and beyond. Cover current issues and stories within the local community in the form of documentaries and docudramas, with the intention of maintaining historical record.  

Ask yourself!  Are we Asian or are we British? Answer is we are none but a combination of both. We are truly British like anyone else. We want to preserve our culture, customs and traditions. We are BRITASIAN. 


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